ANU Sport and Recreation Association Scholarship, Australian National University, Australia

The Australian National University recognises the value of sporting excellence, and is proud to provide the opportunity for emerging athletes and talented sportspeople to access financial assistance to promote success in their academic and athletic goals. This scholarship aims to attract talented and emerging athletes to study at the ANU, and to support the development of community and sport leaders for the future.

Australian National University

This scholarship is open to all new students to the ANU, who can demonstrate a history of or potential for sporting excellence, supported by an affiliated club or sporting organisation. Undergraduate, postgraduate coursework or higher degree research program students, as well as both domestic and international students, are welcome to apply.

The award is available each year to a prospective ANU student who:

  • Is a domestic or international student; and
  • Is enrolled or enrolling in an undergraduate degree or postgraduate coursework or Higher Degree Research program at ANU; and
  • can demonstrate a potential for, or history of, excellence in athletic performance.

Awardees will be welcomed into the vibrant, supportive and thriving community that is based at the ANU, and be placed in an excellent position to balance their educational and sporting pursuits.

$5,000 per annum

How to apply
Applicants will need to meet all eligibility requirements and are encouraged to supply documents supporting their athletics achievements and success from affiliated clubs and/or sporting organisations. Supporting documentation can be emailed to

Application periods
31 August – 23 November 2018

Reference document
Conditions of award (PDF, 109.92 KB)

Further information
This scholarship is available to be held by one student-athlete for the duration of their course of study.

For more information, please visit:

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