INHA University Summer School, South Korea

Inha University is one of the most prestigious private universities in Korea, and has been continually ranked as a top 10 college nationwide. Since its foundation as an engineering institute in 1954, the university has sustained a strong tradition of academic integrity and gained a reputation for excellent educational programs and research in the fields of science and technology, and across a broader academic spectrum including IT, social sciences, business, global logistics, education, law, fine arts, humanities and medicine. Motivated by the strong support and investment of the Hanjin Group, which controls the foundation along with Korean Air, Inha University continues to develop and enhance its education programs, practical research projects and globalization efforts. Inha’s vision continues with its grand project of building a global campus in New Songdo City, a newly emerging international business and R&D hub city in northeast Asia.

INHA Summer School

Inha University annually offers a Summer School program as a part of its goal to a more enhanced global education. The summer program was first initiated in 2004 to provide overseas college students with hands-on opportunities to learn the Korean language and experience the cultural and academic life in Korea. Since then, the program has continued to develop and has been enriched with more unique and diverse activities, while attracting more participants every year.

This short-term, intensive program mainly consists of classroom lectures, visits to corporate sites, cultural sessions and field trips to cultural and historic places in general. Through the coursework, international students will have opportunities to better understand the dynamic aspects of the past, present and future of the Korean society.

One of the most important and engaging aspects of this program is that the learning is not limited to the classroom. Many field trip locations are themselves “living textbooks” for international students, who are eager to gain real world experiences on traditional and modern Korean culture. Throughout the program, international students will enjoy many chances to meet and interact with Korean students, and an opportunity will be given to make a presentation to share their experiences and views with each other. At the end of the program, participants will receive certificates of completion.

In addition to learning about the Korean language and culture, students will also be able to take many other interesting courses such as East Asian Politics and Int’l Relations, Korean Society and Politics in the Films, Introduction to Korean Business & Economy, Language and Culture in Practice and Modern Technologies for the Future etc. These courses will cover theories at the introductory level, present diverse aspects in the chosen fields and include site visits to various off-campus places. The fields and scopes of the courses will continue to expand reflecting demands from students and the global community.

Experience a Leading Korean University
This is an exciting opportunity to be part of one of the top universities in Korea and earn credits towards a degree at your home university in only three weeks. Inha University has world class facilities including a library, student center and dormitory.

Immersion with Korean Students
Inha University has close to 22,000 students. All summer school participants will have a Korean buddy who will help them to learn about Korean culture and practice Korean.

Wide Variety of Unique Courses Available
A variety of unique Korean-related courses are offered to participating students.

Support and Guidance
Students will have access to the support staff in the dormitory and the International Center as well as academic and other counseling services.

Vibrant City
Students will have lots of time to experience Incheon metropolitan city, which is one of the most dynamic and beautiful cities in Korea.


  • Period: July 28, 2014 – August 15, 2014 [3 weeks]
  • Participants: International Students currently enrolled at a university
  • Language of Instruction: English (Some language classes may be taught in Chinese or Japanese. No prior knowledge of Korean is necessary)
  • Course Information: Students can expect outstanding teaching standards delivered in a warm and welcoming environment. Programs are designed to be interactive, stimulating and fun. Teaching involves a combination of lectures, classroom learning, self directed study and practical field trips.

Please apply online at

Important Dates Schedule

  • April 20 (Sun) Early Bird Registration Closes
  • May 4 (Sun) Online Application and Payment Deadline
  • May 25 (Sun) Cancellation Deadline
  • July 27 (Sun) Arrival Day
  • July 28 (Mon) Summer School Starts
  • August 15 (Fri) Summer School Ends
  • August 16 (Sat) Departure

Application will be cancelled if payment is not made by the payment deadline.

Registration cancellations received prior to the cancellation deadline may be eligible to receive a 50% refund. Cancellations received after the stated deadline will not be eligible for a refund.

Invitation letters will be sent out after the cancellation deadline.

Participants will reside in campus residential halls which are conveniently located within walking distance. Each room houses four students and students can use all the facilities including computer rooms, laundry facilities, shared kitchen and gyms and etc. There are also many restaurants and supermarkets nearby for students.

Over the course of the three weeks, students will go on field trips specific to the subject they are studying. For example, students who study business may visit the headquarters of multinational corporations while students taking Korean culture class may visit the National Folk Museum or the Museum of Immigration History. All of these field trips will complement classroom learning.

International Center, Inha University
100 Inha-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon 402-751, Korea
t. +82-32-860-7032 f. +82-32-867-7222
e. h.

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        1. Hello, I guess this program is pay, but you may get subsidize by the university. Check this out, this the answer prior the program.
          Q:Is there any financial support or scholarship available for the summer school?
          A: Yes, please refer to the ‘Scholarship’ Section on this website. Please note that since the summer school is already heavily subsidized by the university, there is no further financial support or discount. Still the program is very affordable and great value for money as the fee includes almost everything such as tuition, accommodation, field trips and even part of the meals (breakfast and dinner during weekdays only).
          the conclusion is, you need to pay but for affordable one:) good luck

  1. hi my name is rezky, I now go to school in university of sriwijaya palembang precisely in majors indonesia education of age child early, I in this time semester 2. I thirst for school outside its aid overseas so that/ to be I earn to go to school there is :)
    Thank you

          1. Ah it may be bad. Actually, I did not mean to talk about how bad her English is but her attitude. Anyway good luck for anyone who wants to try to get this scholarship.

  2. Hi, i’m Fiani. so can we still register it? i went to the registration link, but it was kind of expired. thats right?

        1. Hey fiani, i’m another dian.will u join this program? I want to join it,but still dont know about all of information of fees and accomodations at there. I downloaded the brochure,but it said,that fee for 2011. So, wanna ask, the real
          fees for this year,how much is it?

          Is it USD630?? Are these fees include airfare or not?? Can u share these informations please.thx (i’m sorry if my english isnt good)

  3. Excuse me, my name is Dhani and i would to ask you. How much does it cost (the fee of this summer school of inha)? Is the link ( only activated on the day of registration? Is the link already contained the more descriptive explanation of this event? I beg you to reply this one ASAP since the matter i asked is the vital one. I want to announce this event on my group of majors (International Relations, Diponegoro University). Thank you.

    Dhani, Indonesia.

    1. hi, im jasmine. maybe i can help ur problem..
      okay this information about it: The program fee is US$ 630 and it covers tuition, accommodation, breakfast, dinner, social programs and field trips are all included. Since the summer school program is financially supported by the university, the program is very affordable and great value for money. For more information about this program please visit right..

  4. hi, i’m from Indonesia, I am really interested about it. So, Is it free ?? If it’s not free, how much that i have to pay ? and how about the accommodation ? Thank you, i’m waiting for the answer answer

  5. Well,the fees for regular is USD 680 and for Partner Univ. is USD 630 … you should check the links before ask something :) and read carefully

  6. Hi~i’m Tharra and i’m from Indonesia, i just want to ask is that to be participant should be buy the fee or free ??

  7. hi, im from Indonesia.
    according to the questions above, i wanna ask with the same question. is it free or fee?
    please answer this, thankyou before:)

  8. Good afternoon. I am Munira from Uzbekistan but I study at University one of the in Turkey and I want to study Summer courses or schools in my summer holiday in Korea. Does İNHA University give me that chance that is, Scholarship for Summer schoool or course?
    Thank you.

  9. hello, i’m zahra from indonesia, i’m an engineering stundent from brawijaya university.
    so i can conclude that this summer school is for all international student from all major in a university, and it’s not free. the fee is about USD 630-680 for all complete facilities, but how about the flight? is it included or not?
    thanks :)

    sorry if i have a terrible english, but i think we all are learning here so it would be not a problem if we made mistakes, right? :p

  10. hi i’m nindya from brawijaya university. first i’m sorry if my english bad. i want to ask abt the fee? is there any fee we have to pay beside that $630? and what major we will learn in INHA university?

  11. hello, I’m diva from Indonesia. sorry if my english is bad. I’m so interested with this programs. can you give me more information about this? about how we applied, pay, and ect. how can we trust you? I really need your information. you can send it to my email. please reply soon, thank you ^^

  12. The fee include field trips. Anw, is the fee include the flight cost ? I need more information about it. Thanks before

  13. Hello,I’m from airlangga university,Indonesia. As I know,630 USD is fee for students from partner university,and 680 USD for non partner university.
    Last year,two of my friends joined this courses and it’s final cost is around Rp 15.000.000(3 weeks course fee + flight + little shopping), kindly noted that the course’s fee was 500 USD last year.

    Is anyone here have successfully put the online application?because me and my friends have problem submitting the appliance.please share if you have successfully submitted,thank you :)

    1. Hi my name is nabilla from universitas indonesia, majoring industrial engineering. I have successfully completed my online application and currently looking for financial sponsor. Is anybody here would like to share any potential company? Thank you :)

  14. oh my GOD !!! we need IDR 15 million just for this ? really !!!
    thank u ><
    you guys should apply for the summer school program from another Uni in korea, there are so many ~~~ uni for this ^^

    1. indeed, there’s a lot of summer school program in korea, but most of them are more expensive than inha :( there’s actually stiss program held by seoul uni if i’m not mistaken, that offer free programme (doesn’t include airfare) but it takes less days and less activities (no class nor excursion). you may try that one, but the competition is really harsh :0

  15. Is it possible for a senior high school students (eleven grades) to join this summer school?please answerrrrrr. I would realllllyyy like to join this summer school, can I?thanksss!

    1. i think cant… cz last year just student of university but dont know this year.. i think if summer program from university in korea>> all to student of university.. maybe u can to joint in student exchange (senior high school)..

    1. you should check out their website.there are plenty of information needed in order to join the programme. as some may have explained, airfare and other personal expenses are excluded from the fee. it means, the amount of money that you have to pay to inha only covers the program cost, meals (according to my senior inha only cover for weekdays breakfast and dinner, also sahur if you’re muslim), and accomodation.apart from those, you have to bring extra money.hope that helps :)

  16. hi there! my name is desi from indonesia.. for those who interested in joining this year summer school and looking for friends, you can contact me at
    i’m planning to go alone too and i believe things will be more convenient if we could be friends and help each other while we’re there. thanks!

  17. Hello my name rosa , I am very exited with summer scholarship it. I stiil class 2 senior high school in Malang and in social class . I’m really very interested to go abroad, learn the culture, economy and more. Please tell how i can got the scholarship it ? I am very interested in what you would have to say.
    You can contact me in my e-mail
    Thank You

  18. I’m a college student in Management department in one of university in Indonesia, and really excited to this scholarship. Unfortunately I wondering if this is free for everything or how much you have to pay?

  19. Hello my name is jessica,i’m really intrested in this summer scholarship.i’m still in class 1(senior high).i’m intrested in learnin their culture,language and more.please how can i get the scholarship. You can contact me in my email

  20. hello,i am student of final year in electrical and electronic enginerng froM the Namal college Mianwali in Pakistan which is the associated college from university of Bradford,my degree will complete in 01-08-2014,can i apply here at fully scholarship with 70% average?

  21. I’m diksy from Indonesia..Nice..but I’m still in 3rd class in senior high school and I have to prepare myself for UN :'(

  22. Hi! i’m Tata from Indonesia.
    How we can get more information about this?
    How to apply? Please help :)