Korean Language Training Fellowship, Korea Foundation

Since 1993, the Korea Foundation has offered an annual fellowship program for Korean language training for the general promotion and dissemination of the Korean language, which is the basis of promoting Korean studies and Korea-related activities overseas. In accordance with the guidelines listed below, the Foundation is currently accepting applications for its 2016 KLT program.

Program Goal
This program provides an opportunity for graduate students of Korean studies overseas, Korean studies researchers and those working in Korea-related fields to learn Korean in an intensive immersion program at a university in Korea for at least six months.

Eligible Applicants
Persons majoring in Korean studies (eligible areas: humanities, social sciences, culture/arts), are currently involved in Korea-related research, or work in Korea-related fields who correspond to one of the following profiles may apply for this fellowship. All those who apply must be able to understand and speak at least basic-level Korean.

Undergraduate students
Major or minor in Korean studies (or Korean language) in one of the following areas: Southeast Asia, Central Europe, CIS, the Middle East, Central and South America, Africa

Please note: Undergraduate students in their third or fourth year whose affiliated university is not located in one of the above-mentioned areas and does not have an official program in Korean studies or language but have taken at least eight Korea-related courses may also apply for the fellowship. In this case, the applicant must provide a grade transcript that verifies the course content. Also, the primary recommender (head of affiliation) should include in his/her recommendation a statement that there is no program in the major in question at the university as well as an explanation of the absence of the program.

M.A./Ph.D. candidates
Graduate students pursuing a major or minor in a Korea-related field with a detailed thesis proposal on a Korea-related topic

University professors, university lecturers and researchers
Professors, lecturers and researchers who are currently teaching Korea-related or Korean language courses or who are conducting Korea-related research at a university or research institute (non-profit, government-funded, university-affiliated, etc.).

Professionals engaged in Korea-related activities in the arts and culture field (for example, a curator of a Korean gallery at an overseas museum, a Korean studies librarian at an overseas university, a journalist who mainly deals with current affairs on Korea)

Former Diplomat Fellows
The former fellows who have completed the KF Korean Language and Culture Training program for Diplomats and wish to take more courses that are focused on language training (separate applicant pool)

Persons corresponding to any of the following profiles will NOT be considered for the fellowship:

  • Korean citizen
  • An individual already studying or conducting research in Korea
  • An individual planning to enroll in a degree program at a higher educational institution in Korea
    • During the fellowship period, one may not register as an undergraduate students at a Korean university.
  • Individuals who have received the KF Fellowship for Korean Language Training in the past

Number of Available Fellowship Awards: approx. 40 per year

Fellowship Period: 6 months
If the fellowship recipient demonstrates outstanding research results, the fellowship period may be extended for three-month periods for up to two times maximum, adding up to a maximum total period of 12 months.

Details of Support

  1. Living expenses (monthly basis)
    • Undergraduates, BA or MA degree holders or individuals with less than three years of related career experience: KRW1,000,000
    • Ph.D. candidates and those with at least three years of related career experience: KRW 1,200,000
  2. Travel allowance: KRW300,000 (one-time benefit)
  3. Tuition and fees for learning institution: approx. KRW 1,700,000 per semester (12 weeks)
  4. Health insurance (accident insurance and medical care insurance provided by a Korean insurance company)

Program Schedule

  • Application Period: July 1 ~ August 31, 2015
  • Announcement of Fellowship Awardees: December 2015. Notification will be provided to individual applicant via email.
  • The Fellowship period starts in the spring term (March-August) or fall term (September-February) of the following year. Applicants may select their preferred term.

How to Apply
Click on the “Apply” button and complete the online application form. You must first register for membership before applying.

Important Reminders for the Online Application

  • The “Apply” button is activated only during the application period (from July 1 to August 31, 2015).
  • The application and all supporting documents should be written in English or Korean.
  • Bibliographies and/or citations in any publications or dissertations included with the application must follow APA or MLA style.
  • Click the ‘Temporary Save’ button whenever you make any changes to the application, particularly when attaching supplemental documents.
  • For supplementary documents, one PDF file may be uploaded per category.

Documents to be Submitted

  1. Online application form
    • Applicant’s personal/basic information
    • Proposal (Within 1,000 words in English, please explain your reasons and goal for undertaking Korean language training, the necessity for Korean language competency in your studies or current job, and future plans.)
  2. Supplemental Documents
    Please note: One PDF file may be uploaded per attachment category. Only scanned and saved files are valid. Photograph files will not be counted toward the application.

    1. A copy of the applicant’s highest degree
    2. Certificate of employment or enrollment: any document that verifies your current affiliation. Must have been issued during from July to August 2015 which is the application period
    3. Transcripts
      • Undergraduate: a transcript of grades received for all undergraduate academic work
      • Graduate (MA/Ph.D.): a transcript of grades received for all undergraduate and graduate academic work.Students who have not yet graduated must submit grades for the spring 2015 semester as well.
      • Professors, lecturers or other professionals: only the transcript of the applicant’s highest degree
    4. Evidence of Korean language proficiency: TOPIK or KLPT(Korean Language Proficiency Test) certificates of proficiency, university language program transcripts (only as a supplement), etc.
      • TOPIK Level 3 certification holders preferred.
      • Applicants from countries where TOPIK or KLPT are not administered should submit a short statement to describe this exceptional situation with his/her signature as a PDF file. In this case, proof of Korean language proficiency need not be submitted.
    5. Two letters of reference (directly submitted via online application system by recommenders):
      1. Head of affiliated institution
        • Undergraduate and graduate students: department head, thesis supervisor, etc.
        • Professors, lecturers or other professionals: Head of applicant’s affiliated institution (for example, the affiliated university’s dean or higher authority, director or higher authority of the affiliated division, etc.)
      2. Korean language instructor: must be authorized professors or lecturers specializing in Korean and be capable of evaluating the applicant’s level of Korean proficiency.
        1. After an applicant submits an online application, the online application system will automatically send an e-mail to the recommenders whose e-mail information has been provided in advance by the applicant. Therefore, an applicant should inform their recommenders about the impending letter of recommendation before applying.
        2. Both recommendations must be received during the application submission period in order for the application to be processed. (When the application is submitted, the status will change from “Submission Complete” to “Processing.”)
        3. Those who are selected as fellowship awardees may be requested by KF to submit additional documentation.

Responsibilities of Fellowship Recipients
Fellowship recipients must progress one language level higher for each semester of study. After the fellowship period has expired, the recipient must submit a final report of his/her research results to the Foundation in accordance with a format provided by KF.

Important Reminders for Fellowship Recipients

  • The institution at which a fellowship recipient is to receive training will be selected by KF, and the recipient must begin his/her training period in March or September. Recipients may not defer enrollment to the following year.
  • During the fellowship period, fellowship recipients may not receive support for another KF program or from another institution.
  • During the fellowship period, recipients may not engage in any type of profit-making or remunerative activity.

Further Inquiries

  • Ms. Ho Jung Lee, Korean Studies Department
  • Contact Information: hjlee@kf.or.kr / (+82-2) 2046-8641
  • Regarding online application system: helpdesk@kf.or.kr

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