Doctoral Fellowships, Topology of Technology, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany

The interdisciplinary post-graduate program “Topology of Technology” at the Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, announces 10 doctoral fellowships, starting Nov. 1, 2009, and running for 2 years (with an possible option of a third year).

The program is organized by teachers from the subjects of history, sociology, philosophy, literature and language, mechanical engineering, informatics, and civil/construction engineering. It focuses on the relationship between technology and space—at present, in history, and in a possible future.

It has five thematic foci:

  • Information Technology and the Topology of the Network Society
  • Technological Spaces of the Body and the Perception of Space
  • The Circulation of Materials — Mobility — Tourism
  • Topologies of Technology and Forms of Representation
  • Fields of Power and the Role of Technology

The program is primarily financed by the German Research Council (DFG); see

Monthly stipends range between 1,000 and 1,365 euros.

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Master Scholarships in Food Processing, Centre for Water, Earth and Environment, Canada

The fruit processing industry is experiencing a surge in its growth with Quebec ranked tenth in North America. The growth has generated huge quantities of “fruit pomace” as solid waste (25–30% of the total processed fruits) obtained after the extraction of fruit juice. The objective is to carry out value-addition of pomace to produce ligninolytic enzymes; extract polyphenols; and use the fermented mass as animal feed by using a white rot fungus, Phanerochaete chrysosporium.

The fruit pomace residues are generally rich in carbohydrates, especially cell wall polysaccharides and other functionally important bioactive molecules, such as proteins, minerals and natural antioxidants. Owing to the high carbohydrate content, fruit pomace can be used as a substrate for the microbial production of enzymes and extraction of other high-value added products, such as anti-oxidants. Further, the high protein enriched residue can serve as animal feed.

Research Area:
Fermentation to produce ligninolytic enzymes and simultaneously analyze polyphenolic compounds and carry out experiments with swine feed.

B.Sc./B.Tech. in microbiology, biochemistry, biological engineering, biochemical engineering, chemical engineering or related discipline. Practical experience in the field of solid state fermentation or liquid fermentation and knowledge of high performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrophotometry is an added asset. Computer knowledge preferably include programming skills is an advantage. Candidates should be proficient in English and French.

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Masters Scholarships, POLIdesign, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Research of eligible students’ for Masters Scholarships
Master Politecnico di Milano – Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano addresses your institution, which is a relevant reference point in the cultural and commercial exchange with Italy. requests your cooperation in propagating news about qualified opportunities of post-university training:

MDS – Master in Strategic Design
. Design of the Value Offering (in cooperation with MIP Politecnico). – 1st level – 11th edition, held in English. Design, management, technology and empowerment, for those oriented to work on the borderline between design and management.

Starting date: 28th October 2009 (duration 13 months)
Deadline: 23th October 2009

MBC – Master in Brand Communication, the Project, the Construction and the Brand Management (in cooperation with AssoComunicazione) – 1st level – 9th edition. To manage the strategic thought of the brand as a Strategic Planner, Product Manager, Account and Media manager.

Starting date: 26th October 2009 (duration 12 months)
Deadline: 18th October 2009

MDSPI – Master in Design for the Development of the Industrial Product
– 1st level – 4th edition. For the Product Design specialists, to run the entire procedure of realization of industrial products, from their conceiving to their production.

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PhD Studentships in Organic Chemistry, University of York, UK

Free radicals in phenylene diamine oxidation

What is common between colour photography and hair dyeing? Both processes involve essentially the same chemistry based on indo dyes [1,2]. The dyes in both cases are formed in situ by oxidative coupling of phenylene diamines with aromatic compounds, a reaction which proceeds via formation of relatively stable free radical intermediates. Although indo dyes have been around for decades, the mechanistic chemistry of their formation lacks many details which are essential for development of better, less harmful dyes.

This project aims to unravel the mechanism of hair dyeing and related reactions. The main analytical technique will be EPR spectroscopy – a method very similar to NMR but providing information about free radicals. Detection and identification of radicals formed during phenylene diamine oxidation will be indispensable for establishing mechanistic details of this reaction.

The project is industrially sponsored (by Procter & Gamble).

The studentship is available from 1 October 2009, to work with Dr Victor Chechik (vc4[ at ] at University of York. Informal inquiries are welcome!

Funding for this physical organic chemistry project has been confirmed and is available to UK or EU students.

[1] D. Rogers, The Chemistry of Photography, RSC Publishing, 2007.
[2] K. C. Brown, S. Pohl, In: Permanent hair dyes, Society of Cosmetic Chemists, 1996; J. F. Corbett, J. Soc. Cosmet. Chem. 1984, 35, 297.

Keywords: Physical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical organic chemistry, reaction mechanism, EPR spectroscopy, ESR spectroscopy, free radicals, dyes

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PhD Studentships in Bioinformatics / Computational Biology, University College Cork, Ireland

A 3-year Science Foundation Ireland PhD studentship is available from October 2009 to work on an internationally collaborative project between Dr Avril Coghlan in University College Cork, Ireland and Dr Richard Durbin at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge, U.K. The successful candidate will be based at University College Cork but will visit the Sanger Institute for meetings with collaborators.

The project involves the development of a novel bioinformatics approach for inferring the genotypes of individuals at microsatellite (simple repeat) loci, using data from new DNA sequencing technologies. The novel bioinformatics method will be applied to data from the 1000 Genomes Project, an international project which aims to sequence the whole genomes of 1000 humans from around the world. By inferring genotypes at microsatellite loci in 1000 human individuals, this PhD project aims to investigate important unanswered questions about microsatellite processes and evolution.

The PhD student will have his/her fees paid, and will receive a tax-free stipend of 18500 euro in year 1, 19500 euro in year 2 and 20500 euro in year 3.

The ideal candidate will have an honours B.Sc. or M.Sc. in bioinformatics, computational biology, or a related subject. Candidates with a background in genetics or a related biological subject with strong mathematical skills, or with a background in mathematics or computer science with a strong interest in biology, are also encouraged to apply.

To apply for this position please send a cover letter, copy of B.Sc transcript and your CV to Dr. Avril Coghlan by email to a.coghlan [at]

The closing date for applications is August 30 2009.

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PhD Studentships in Human Genetics, University of Antwerp, Belgium

The University of Antwerp is a knowledge centre with 3.600 co-workers that performs ground-breaking and innovative research of international standing. The university takes special care to ensure optimum support and supervision of students, and pays constant attention to educational innovation. The university is an autonomous pluralistic institution that is committed to the enhancement of an open, democratic and multicultural society, and it pursues an equal opportunities policy.

The research group into Hereditary Hearing Impairment at the University of Antwerp (Department of Biomedical Sciences of the Faculty Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences) is recruiting a full time vacancy (m/f) of:

Highly motivated PhD student with a strong interest in human genetics

Research Project
The research topic of our lab is the elucidation of molecular mechanisms contributing to hereditary forms of hearing impairment.

Over the past years, our lab has identified several genes involved in hereditary hearing impairment (HHI). This includes monogenic forms of HHI, due to one single gene defect, as well as complex forms that are caused by an interplay between genes and environment. However, it remains unknown how these underlying gene defects ultimately lead to hearing impairment. Functional characterization of the identified genes will shed more light on the functional link between gene defect and hearing loss.

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MSc Scholarships, the Faculty of Engineering, Kingston University, UK

In addition to MSc scholarships and bursaries awarded by Kingston University, the Faculty of Engineering has a number of scholarships available for Home/EU and International students.

Who can Apply?
Any student applying for a taught full-time postgraduate MSc course in the Faculty of Engineering with a confirmed offer of a place for the next academic intake (September or January).

Selection Process
Selection is by application only and applicants must:

  • Have a good academic record
  • Provide a statement of 500 words in support of your application.

Submitting an Application
In order to apply for a scholarship, you are required to fill in and submit a Scholarship Application Form:

The application must be typed and printed. We cannot consider incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline.

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Master and PhD Scholarships in Science, Engineering and Technology, from the Government of Ireland, Ireland


IRCSET `Embark Initiative’ Postgraduate Scholarship
Description of scheme
Second Call 2009

The Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology (IRCSET) `EMBARK’ Scheme offers opportunities for suitably qualified students to pursue a postgraduate degree by research. The Scheme supports basic research in the broad areas of Science, Engineering and Technology. The call for applications opens on June 9th 2009 for students and researchers hoping to begin postgraduate research in the Republic of Ireland in October 2009. While a majority of postgraduate Scholarships awarded by the Council are offered to European Union (EU) citizens or to those who are ordinarily resident within a member state of the EU, a proportion of awards are also offered to exceptional candidates who are ordinarily resident in non EU member states.

Scholarships are awarded only to those who will be full-time students and who will engage fulltime in research during the period of the award. Students awarded under the scheme must maintain their principle residence in Ireland during the term of the Scholarship and Scholarships must be held at a recognised third-level institution in Ireland.

The Scholarship awards are valued at €24,003 per year of award. Of this amount €16,002 is paid as a maintenance award to the Scholar. The remaining €8,001 is allocated to cover payment of fees to the Research Body, and support for the research to be carried out.

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PhD Studentships in Requirements Engineering and Climate Change, The Open University, UK

The Open University (UK) – Charter Studentships

To celebrate The Open University’s 40th anniversary we offering a number of research studentships.

These studentships provide opportunities for the best national or international candidates to work alongside leading academics and research staff on projects that will inspire and shape our research portfolio. They will cover all fees for three years plus an annual stipend and are tenable from 1 October 2009. Suitable candidates should have or expect to graduate with a minimum 2:1 honours degree.

One of the topics on offer is: Requirements Engineering and Climate Change

When developing computers systems, it is important to model the world in which they operate as well as what happens within the machine, in order to ensure requirements are met. There is however, no guarantee that the software engineers involved have an adequate understanding of that world. This issue is sharply highlighted in the case of energy and the urgent need to address climate change. In this case, the software engineers would need to engage not just with a whole array of specialist technology, but also understand the social and legal issues involved in addressing complex areas of government policy. In this project you would look at how energy and climate change expertise and policy can be made accessible to software engineers, in forms that can be readily used in modeling systems and their operational environment. You would work with experts in both Software Engineering and Energy and Climate Change, so you would need to embrace an interdisciplinary approach.

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PhD Studentships in Engineering, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

Applications are invited for four full-time PhD research Studentships within the School of Engineering and Computing.

  • Characterisation of parameters to identify Partial Discharge in voids in power cables – vented and unvented.
  • Multi-Physics Simulation and Analysis for Condition Monitoring of EV Batteries.
  • Analysis of the Fault Modes and Failure in the Bushings of Power Transformers.
  • Development of a Generalised Code for Heat and Mass Transfer Studies in Particulate Systems.

How to Apply:
Application forms are available from Ms Diane Dickie (Tel: +44 (0)141 331 8096; E: D.Dickie[ at ]

Please state the Project Title on the completed application form and return – along with your current curriculum vitae, copies of academic qualifications and references – to: Ms Diane Dickie, The Graduate Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Road, Glasgow, G4 0BA, UK

The closing date for applications is Friday 31st July 2009; short-listed candidates will be contacted to attend for interview in mid August 2009 with a commencement date of September/October 2009 desirable.

For more information, please visit:

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