The Juilliard School Dance Drama Music Scholarships, USA

The Juilliard School is committed to educating talented performing artists and helping them achieve their highest potential. To that end, we wish to enable all admitted students to attend the school, regardless of their ability to pay. Juilliard’s admissions policies are need-blind, meaning that applying for financial aid will not hurt your chances of being admitted. In fact, almost 80 percent of our admitted students receive scholarship support through Juilliard.

How to apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships
For incoming applicants. Juilliard college division students who are continuing in their program of study should click here for instructions specific to them. Juilliard college students applying to a new program should visit our department page for additional information.

All applicants to the Juilliard School who wish to apply for financial aid or scholarships must complete all Financial Aid Application requirements by March 1, 2014. To apply, all of the following documents must be completed.

  1. The Juilliard Financial Aid Application
  2. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • Available on January 1, 2014. Required only for U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents.
  3. Student or Parent Tax Return (1040 form) or International Salary Documentation
    • For 2013,or most recent tax year available. Send signed copies of the first two pages only.
    • Should be e-mailed, mailed, or faxed to our office.

Click here for detailed instructions about for applying for aid for incoming applicants.

Please note that, because our scholarship decisions are based on a combination of financial need and merit, all documents must be received before the Scholarship Committee can review your application. The Juilliard School does not offer scholarships based solely on merit.

Award letters will be mailed and e-mailed by April 1, 2014. These may include a combination of scholarships/grants, loans, and/or on-campus employment. Funding for these awards may come from federal, state, institutional, or private sources.

The Juilliard School does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, political beliefs, national origin, or disability. For more information about our financial aid and scholarship programs, please download our brochure Funding Your Juilliard Education: A Guide to Financial Aid.

Finally, we encourage both applicants and continuing students to review the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about our programs. In addition, you can contact our office at any time with questions or concerns. We’re here to help!

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Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

56 thoughts on “The Juilliard School Dance Drama Music Scholarships, USA”

  1. I can play piano, guitar, violin, knew all kinds of genre music and other arts like painting and drama. how to get this scholarship?

  2. I can sing well , I can play guitar,bass,violin specially for Rock n’roll genre. I’ve never have a music course but my uncle teach me.but,I just 14 years old.. I have unique talent,I can make saxophone sound with a comb.I usually have a drama show at school for christmas or any other celebration. How I can get this scholarship? My twitter @andy_leon_

  3. I can sing,it’s my talent from my mom.I can play guitar,bass,and violin,my uncle teach me.I have a unique talent..I can make a saxophone sound only with use a comb and plastic.I really want to play saxophone but I think I don’t have enough money :( so I try to play with comb and the pupil around me like that! :). I can do acting too.I like to have a theater show at school.and my other talent is in magic.I have learn magic since 2009.btw..I’m just 13 years old.. A boy who very love twitter @andy_leon_

  4. I can sing, dance, draw & paint, and playing guitar/bass/violin..but it’s must be hard, if scholarship without life cost.. TT

  5. I can sing,modern dance,traditisional dance,hm.i can play guitar accoustic or guitar clasic, i can play keyboard but just a little bit , my uncle teach me :) i can acting too. I have a unique talent:) I’m model too :)
    I’m so lovee art,my life just for art and musiic ;)
    I want to go The Julliard but i don’t have enough money :(
    I’m 16 years old :) i’m so lovely art and entertaiment ;)

  6. i can do a bboy dance, i can play guitar,i can act, and i learn fast . So how i can get this scholarship ? thank you ..

  7. I can sing well, acting and not so bad in dance. I’m 15 years old now. So, how to get the scholarship?
    How about the living cost? Is the scholarship including the living cost and dormitory? Thanks

  8. OMG.. I’ll graduated from my high school 2 years left,2014… If i get this scholarship can i still get this for a year a go ? Pleaseeee.. I’m From Indonesia.. What is the Requiredments ?

  9. i can dance, sing, drawing, and crafting specially in papercraft and cosplay, so how to get that scholarship?

  10. I’m a student in the Senior High School .
    I really want that scholarship ,,because I have talent .

    So,, how to get that Scholarship ?

  11. I’m from south of borneo (indonesia), I’m colleage student of lambung mangkurat university major of econimic bussnies, I’m actor of theater and drama,I’m koreografer 4 dance, I’m a rapper in my boysband, I’m broadcaster and model, may be I can get scholarship about… :) thanks u

  12. This scholarship is only for the artist or everyone? whether the person may have recently graduated high school too?

  13. Excuse me, I’m sarah, can I ask something?
    how can I get this scholarship?
    Art and drama is the part of me, I’d like to learn anything about art. Thanks before

  14. Hi :)
    Music, dance, and acting is my passion. it’s so beautiful. Unfortunately, i don’t have any special basics. But i want to learn more and make my big steps in Juilliard. I want to change and evolve. How to get this scholarship? I’m waiting. Thanks :)

  15. Hi, I’m from Indonesia. I can modern dance, traditional dance. My traditional dance crew also go international. I can acting, and I’m a model too. I’m 19 years old. So, how to get this scholarship ? And how about the living cost ? Please contact me on my twitter @achieibrahim or my e-mail . Thank you 

  16. Hey guys I’m ilyas amiriosa I’m 18 years old my fav hobbies is singin and I can dance too,and I think it all fits in well with my character soo how to get this scholarship? My twitter @ilyasworld thankyou…

  17. Dear Sir/Madam

    First of all, give thanks to Allah.
    And sending sholawat to our prophet Muhammad SAW.

    Please give me the step to get the scholarship in the music program.
    I can playing trumpet, guitar, arranging music in finale and encore.

    Thank you. :)

  18. Dear sir or madam.

    I can sing, I’m good in drama, also can paint and draw a comic, I can dance a little bit. How can I get this schoolarship? I need to know the step to apply. Pease give me the information.

    Thank you.

  19. indonesian.
    19 year old.
    what this scholarship is open to me? the poor people. i think this is just a dream for me. forgive me.
    but can i got this? music scolarship?
    thank you very much.

  20. Hello Mr or Mrs, how to apply this scholarship? I have a passion in music and I will graduate from SHS in 2013. Can you help me? Thanks before.

  21. Hey i’m hanny. I’m an indonesian.
    I wanna ask things about this, i’m still a student in high school and I’m 17. I’ve been extremely interested to study in juilliard and improve my ability for so long, so how to get this scholarship for myself? as i know i aint get enough money to go there without a scholarship. I sing, i dance and i sometimes i do acting. I really love singing. Pls reply and thx :)

  22. hi Sir/Madam
    i’m indonesian 18 years old. now i’m student in udayana university bali. but, i want to expand my passion especially in dance. i have basic dance and before i got 1st winner with my team in campina national dance competition.
    i really love dance and sing. how can i get a scholarship and how about living cost?can you help me to give me information? :)
    thanks before

  23. Hi, my name is esther helen. I really love singing, and i have nice voices. I love drama too. How could i take the scholarship? My twitter @EstherSutr. Thankyou!

  24. hey iam people young 14th from Indonesia, i love music when i was child until now, music is my breath and i want to learning it’s all about music ,how can i get this scholarship?

  25. Helo Mr or Mrs …
    My name is Brian Benarivo. 18, from Indonesia
    I can sing, dance and act on drama, there are my talent.
    Julliard is best place for people like that. But I don’t knoe how to get the scholarship. so please tell me about that, i want to get into Julliard.. thank you :)

  26. my name is yane, i just can dance. how i get this scholarship? please!i want,because dancing is my passion,thankyou

  27. hi, I’m Indonesian, 19 years-old. i wonder how can I get this scholarship, i really wanna go to Juilliard. I can do the traditional dance, and my hobby is singing. i really wanna improve my potential in Juilliard. please tell me how can i get the scholarship, what’s the rules and regulations? thank you so much

  28. hiii,
    i’m Indonesian, 23 years old..
    how i can get this scholarship, i wanna go to juilliard.I wanna be profesional dancer, i can modern and traditional dance, a ican acting and singing. I really love art and antertainment. Please tell me how can i get the scholarship…
    I’m wait information from you..
    Thank you so much

  29. Music has been,is and will be my passion am from Ethiopia and i come from a place where music is understood as a low and a part time job which dumb people do to entertain the rich.but i am willing to give every thing i have for music.the only music academy in my country is yared school of music and i noticed that they play music for the benefit of it not for their soul.

  30. hi, my name is fery. I come from Indonesian. I want to get a scholarship at the Juilliard. I can sing, acting, drawing, and a little dancing. where i will get the forms and take this test??? but I am still 15 years old and attending high school :-( if I can’t get this scholarship because I was 15 years of age. please tell me high school scholarships in the USA. I want to pursue my dream. please contact me on my email: thank you very much :-)

  31. Hi my name ratih, i from indonesia. I’d love to get a dance scholarship abroad. I want to get a scholarship at the Juilliard. I can sing, acting, drawing, and a little dancing. where i will get the forms and take this test?? But I’m not sure, because I’m still in school and I’m 15 years of age. Can I get a dance scholarship that? please tell me high school scholarships in the USA. I want to pursue my dream. please contact me on my email :

    Very Thank You :)

  32. hy my name is from indonesia.i love dance.but im still confused how to get this school?i want to learn at that school.

  33. Hallo I’m Nunue |indonesia
    I really like to sing, but i don’t have a decent voice. And, I was discouraged to be up at the Juilliard School.

  34. dear all (yang pengen daftar)
    kalo emang niat 100% buat masuk julliard yg perlu kamu lakukan adalah lihat syarat jurusan yg pengen kamu masuki di websitenya julliard. dan usahakan semuanya terpenuhi.

    yang kedua adalah nabung dari sekarang buat beli tiket pesawat karena kamu harus audisi disono.

    yang ke3 jangan cerita pada siapapun kamu daftar kesono kecuali dah keterima. saingan dari seluruh dunia yg diterima 14 orang. semoga tahun depan saya bisa lolos. supaya cita2 ada di panggung broadway kesampaian.

  35. I;m Diana from Indonesia, i can do contemporary dance, modern and traditional dance (Jaipong dance from Indonesia), and also can sing and act. I’ve ever joined some dance and sing contest. Dance has become my live since i was kid. I really hope can get this scholarships, please contact me :

    1. Hello! im Mekar from Indonesia. I want to get a scholarship at the Juilliard. I can sing, dance, playing music instrumental like biola, piano, guitar and drum, and also can acting. I’ve ever joined and win some sing&playing piano national contest, some dancing contest at my city and some acting contest too. I really really really hope can be very lucky to get this scholarships but maybe a few years ahead because im still 13yo and i still have a bad english haha i will learn english again. Thank you! Email :

  36. hi, I’m Linda Anggraeni, 15 years old. I want to learn at the Juilliard School. I was born in a family of artists, so art is my life and I growing for art. I can sing, play music, dance (traditional), drawing, painting, composing a song, design, and all things about art. but I come from a poor family. can I realize my dream for getting a scholarship in the Juilliard School? Oh God, I hope I can get it. please help me to give the info, e-mail me: or twitter: @lindaaAnggraeni
    thanks a lot :)

  37. I love acting its just my life , my the one dream is only to get a scholarship to julliard school , wish u can give me some information about it im not gonna stop to get scholar ship to julliard school I just the information about the julliard school and it was just huh expensive my mom still can pqy me that bog but I wanna go to julliard school with my own. Please just give me a little bit information about the scholarship. Email: thankyou

  38. I really want to go to juilliard. I can sing and I can draw greatly. I really want to be an actress ,pop singer, and a graphical designer. I want to give my talent for God.
    I hope i can have a scolarship to julliard.🤗